Large-Scale Social Impact

AI for social good is our mission and compass at the Wadhwani Institute for Artificial Intelligence—whether we are working with cotton farmers in Trichy or partnering with the Government to create solutions for managing tuberculosis cases. As the world's first independent nonprofit research institute developing AI solutions for social good, we work in domains such as health, agriculture, financial inclusion, education, and infrastructure.

What Drives Us?

“Today we are at a new dawn of Artificial Intelligence and it is now almost a given that AI will be intricately intertwined in every aspect of our lives.  Yet, for all the hype, the current and anticipated reach of AI, or at least its benefits, will be limited to less than 50% of humanity - those who are economically comfortable and able to access these. The belief driving us at Wadhwani AI is that AI can help address the knowledge and expertise gaps that limit progress in improving the lives of poor communities.”

– Dr P Anandan, CEO


We're looking for a Head of Engineering to join our diverse, passionate, internationally-acclaimed team of scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

A typical week for you at Wadhwani AI—

As Head of Engineering, you will lead, manage, and guide a team of ~10 software, infrastructure, and data engineers to produce excellent and impact-driven outputs. Over time, you will be able to grow this team into a strong, cohesive one with your coaching, mentoring and support.

An important aspect of the work you do will be supervising the development of project work plans, milestones, and budgets, and then monitor their progress in order to make sure timelines are met without compromising on quality or budgets.

You will build and maintain the organisation’s technical infrastructure, for both internal development and external deployment.

As an integral part of the senior leadership team, you will play a role in Wadhwani AI’s organisational and growth planning

We have research collaborations with Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, New York University, University of Southern California, and the University of Washington, and our list of partners and stakeholders is always growing. You will be building and maintaining strong relationships with them, as also with government and non-profit organisations.

—if you’re the right person for the job.

We are looking for a proactive, experienced, and versatile professional who is agile but brings a mature perspective to their work.

Our Head of Engineering will have the incredible opportunity to shape and build large-scale, impact-driven AI solutions that help the underserved billions across the developing world. You will work alongside peers who are graduates of Stanford, Yale, Cornell, and the IITs, with experience at companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and DE Shaw, and you will report to the Chief Innovation Officer and CEO.

As a critical part of the leadership team at a nonprofit organisation, a sense of respect for an ethics-led approach to data security and privacy will be advantageous. This is a core value of ours at Wadhwani AI, and one that we are uniquely committed to.


• Work with diverse, intelligent teams, and A-list talent; and a wide range of partners to help shape ecosystems
• Create large-scale social impact through technology and platforms
• Work with cutting-edge technology
• Deploy AI solutions at scale


✔ You have led teams that exceeded their goals because of your attention to detail; ability to prioritise for yourself and your colleagues; and your coaching and mentorship.

✔ You ask the right questions, weed out false information, and identify risks at an early stage in order to architect the perfect solution.

✔ You have built internal systems that produce high-quality, user-focused results.

✔ Your teams and peers see you as a positive, inspiring and supportive leader.

✔ Your written and verbal communication skills are clear, sharp, and concise, whether within the team or when working with stakeholders and partners.

✔ You understand socially-aware technology and its impact on rural livelihoods.


✔ You have managed integrations with third party solutions.

✔ You can collaborate successfully with vendors and contractors.

✔ You will be an excellent representative of Wadhwani AI at public fora such as conferences.

✔ You have significant experience in project management.

If you are excited by the idea of pushing the frontiers of bleeding-edge applied AI research and engineering to create large-scale social impact, and working with some of the sharpest talent in the world, click the button below to apply to be our new Head of Engineering.